Usage of Mobile Applications For Smallholder Farmers

Mobile Applications For Smallholder Farmers

The study focus on the Usage of Mobile Applications For Smallholder Farmers in Kura Local Government, Kano State, Nigeria, to investigate the relevance of mobile applications in enhancing the agricultural knowledge of smallholder farmers in Kura local government, Kano State – Nigeria.

These are guided by assessing the relevance of mobile phone applications in agriculture to smallholder farmers. The study found that smallholder farmers use mobile phones mostly for making calls (85%), entertainment (50%), making transactions (45%), and social media (40%).

Also, the study found that mobile phones seem to be relevant to smallholder farmers to research market prices (65%), make calls to customers and other farmers (50%), and get information about the market and availability of different commodities (50%).

The study concluded that mobile phones could help smallholder farmers in Kura local government improve their agricultural productivity by giving them access to basic financial services, new agricultural techniques, and new markets, helping them secure better prices for crops and better returns on investments.

As their income improves with each harvest, they can invest in better seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals.

Mobile Applications and Agricultural Knowledge of Smallholder Farmers in Kura Local Government, Kano State, Nigeria

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Smartphone Mobile Apps in Agriculture FAQ

How has mobile phone use improved incomes for smallholder farmers?

Results show a positive association between mobile phone use for agricultural activities and reported maize yields. Further, many farmers report that mobile phone use increases agricultural profits (67% of respondents) and decreases the costs (50%) and time investments (47%) of farming.

How are mobile applications used in agriculture?

There are mobile applications that provide the latest agricultural information about trends, equipment, technologies, and methods being used, help identify pests and diseases, provide real-time data about weather, early warnings about storms, local markets offering best prices, seeds, fertilizers, etc.

What is mobile technology in agriculture?

Mobile Agriculture (mAgri) supports actors along with the agriculture value chain through the use of mobile technology. … In developing countries where a large proportion of the workforce is employed in agriculture, mobile technology is more commonly used to deliver services for producers and traders.

Why are smallholder farmers important?

Smallholder farmers are the main food producers in developing countries, increased smallholder agricultural production means more food enters the marketplace, leading to lower food prices and better diets;

How many smallholder farmers are there in the world?

570 million farms. These farms can be of any size, and should not be confused with smallholders. Most (84%) of the world’s 570 million farms are smallholdings; that is, farms less than two hectares in size.

Which mobile app launched farmers?

Kisan Suvidha. It was launched by PM Narendra Modi in 2016 to work towards the empowerment of farmers and the development of villages.

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