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How to install Quillbot on any App 2022

Dont worry, we gat your back, we are going to work you through the process on how you can install QuillBot depending on your preferences, you can as well use our Quillbot Academic discussion forum for further guidance

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How to Install QuillBot

At the time of writing this quillbot plagiarism, checker review. Quillbot is available as add-ons via web browsers and Microsoft office word, so you don’t have to install anything.

However, if you do most of your writing on MS Word or Google Docs, you can install extensions (addons). That way, you never have to shuffle between tabs and programs.

How to add Quillbot to Word

There is no system requirement to install the QuillBot addon on MS Word other than that your software has to be a licensed version.

It is also compatible with version 16.0.11629 and higher and works with World Online.

The installation process is pretty easy. To install Quillbot add in word,

  1. Make sure you are signed into Word
  2. Go to the Insert tab and select Add-ins
  3. Select the Office Store button
  4. Search for QuillBot and select the Add button
  5. Return to Insert and select QuillBot under My Add-ins
  6. Finally, launch QuillBot from the newly created tab and enter your login details.

That might seem like a lot of steps, but it is pretty standard for installing add-ins on MS Word.

The steps are shorter on Google Docs. You only need to search for QuillBot in the Google Workspace Marketplace and select install.

How to add Quillbot to Chrome

On Google Chrome, it is no different than installing a regular extension. Search for QuillBot in the Chrome Web Store and select Add to Chrome.

You can also click Google Chrome under the extension page on the QuillBot website. It will take you directly to the Web Store page.

The cool thing about the Chrome extension is it works for other Chromium-based browsers. So if you use Brave or Vivaldi, or even the new Microsoft Edge, it should work just fine.

I’m always searching for helpful writing tools, particularly those that rely on artificial intelligence. When I heard about Quillbot I was impressed by its bold claim: a paraphrasing tool that helps millions improve their writing through AI.

We hope this article helped you learn How to install quillbot on words and chrome. You can also go through our QuillBot Grammar Checker Review, or see our expert case study on Quillbot Paraphrasing Review.

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