GSM Based LPG Detector

Design and Analysis of GSM Based LPG Detector Using Atmega328p.

The use of gas as fuel for cooking in households has become prominent nowadays because of is pollution-free, environment-friendly, and cheap.

However, there are dangerous hazards that can be caused by gas leakages which include fire outbreaks and suffocation. So, using the GSM technology a projected has been implemented to detect gas leakages, alerts nearby people through sounding of the buzzer, and the concerned person through sending a message and a call.

Gas leakages are also controlled by an exhaust fan that blows it out through windows and ventilators.

Design and Analysis of GSM Based LPG Detector Using Atmega328p

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GSM Based LPG Detector FAQ

What happens when LPG leaks?

It may also damage your heart by causing irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. It may also reduce blood cells, damage lungs, and cause liver and kidney inflammation. The explosion from LPG can result in serious burns and can cause multiple injuries and even, death.

How do you prevent gas leaks?

Check your appliances regularly.
Check the signs.
Have your gas lines been monitored?
Check your gas safety documents.
If you detect a gas leak, turn off the gas supply.
Open the windows and shut off your electronic devices.
Do not smoke.
Do not flick light switches.

Would I smell a gas leak?

Natural gas has no smell, which means a small leak would be impossible to detect. That’s why your utility company adds mercaptan, a harmless chemical, to the gas. Mercaptan smells like sulfur, or rotten eggs, to help you identify gas leaks. But you may not smell anything if the leak is very small.

How long should I let my house air out after a gas leak?

After you’ve had a leak, authorities typically recommend that you open up your doors and windows and let the home air out. Typically, you’ll need to allow your home to air out for fifteen minutes to a few hours, but the exact timeframe depends on the severity of the leak and wind conditions in your area.

What happens if you leave the gas stove on without flame?

Yes, leaving a gas stove on can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. All gas stoves emit carbon monoxide. That’s why it’s recommended to always turn on the exhaust vent when your gas stove is on.

How does an LPG gas sensor work?

If it detects a gas leak, the red LED will light up, the buzzer will activate, then the system will send a notification message stating that there has been an LPG gas leak. If no LPG gas leak is detected, the system will continue to detect the gas level through the LPG gas sensor until it detects an LPG gas leak.

Which sensor is used to detect LPG?

MQ-2 Gas Sensor: A MQ-2 Gas Sensor is one of the most widely used Gas Sensors to detect LPG, Propane, Alcohol, CO, and even Methane. The MQ-2 Sensor operates at a voltage of 5V and has a preheat duration of just 20 seconds. It is used in Gas Detectors and also by students for research purposes.


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