Different Types of Electricity

  • Different Types of Electricity

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    When it comes to electricity types, there are two main types of electricity. These include the following forms of electricity:

    Static Electricity

    I’m sure you’ve heard of static electricity and perhaps even experienced it. This type of electricity occurs when an electrical charge forms on the surface of certain materials. It usually happens when two surfaces are rubbed together.

    For example, I recall as a child rubbing a piece of a ruler, a pencil, or even a pen on our hair and then using these items to pick up some small pieces of paper.

    I knew nothing about static electricity at the time, but I was certain there was a charge formed when I rubbed these items on my head.

    Later, I discovered that when you rub a plastic ruler through your hair, it absorbs electrons from the hair and becomes negatively charged.

    Static Electricity

    When we talk about current electricity, we mean the rate at which electrons flow from one location to another. Electricity is generated here by drifting electrons. Amperes are used to measure this type of electricity.

    In addition, unlike static electricity, current electricity must pass through a conductor. An electrical conductor is any material that allows electricity to flow freely through it. Copper wires are commonly used for this purpose.

    A current is a measurement of the amount of energy transmitted from one location to another over a given time period. To find out how much energy an object can produce, use our potential energy calculator.

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