Free Wireless Intercom System

Implementation and Analysis of A Free Wireless Intercom System is a technology that allows an organization to cut the cost spend on mobile and wireless communication subscription

In this modern technology era, wireless technology is one of the most widely used technologies which support communication from one place to another without any physical wired connection.

The purpose of this project is to design and implement a free intercom system that uses Wi-Fi in p2p (Peer-to-Peer) or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) as a means of communication between mobile phones, computers (softphones), and IP phones at no cost. The switching method used is packet switching.

The system will allow users to make voice, video, and text message conversations using internet protocol, the packet will be sent from source to destination using the Asterisk-based server and WIFI-based clients.

As the communication is real-time the session initiation protocol (SIP) is used and some parameters such as packet sending and receiving, jitter, and bandwidth utilization will be monitored using the server.

The design provides a solution that eliminates the use of expensive hard-wired intercoms and Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) by making use of Asterisk and Wi-Fi.

Implementation and Analysis of A Free Wireless Intercom System

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Free Wireless Intercom System FAQ

What is a 3-way intercom system?

A Three-way intercommunication system is nothing but the communication within three persons not close to one another. This does not mean we should categorize telephones, fax, teleprinters, telegraphs, etc. an example of an intercom system since they are used in communication between people.

Can I connect the intercom to a cell phone?

If your buzzer/intercom system in your apartment building is capable of dialing out to a cell phone, just give your cell phone number to your landlord, and they will attach your cell phone to your apartment’s buzzer, so if someone buzzes your apartment you can talk to them and optionally let them in.

How does a wireless intercom system work?

Most wireless intercom systems communicate by radio waves using one of the frequencies allotted by various government agencies. Some wireless intercom systems communicate using the 802.11 standards. There are also systems that advertise themselves as wireless but communicate over existing building AC electrical wiring.

What is the range of a wireless intercom system?

Long Range: Effective distance approx ½ mile in ideal conditions. Multi-Channel 10 channels are provided for calling family or office members. You can choose one-to-one communication or one to all simultaneously.

What is the difference between intercom and telecom?

is that intercom is an electronic communication system, especially one between rooms in a building while telecom is (informal) telecommunication.

How do you buzz someone on their cell phone?

If you want to connect your apartment door buzzer to your cell phone, you have three options: If you have a telephone entry system, you can program your cell phone number into the system. When a visitor ‘buzzes’ your apartment, you’ll receive a call on your phone. From there, press ‘9’ to open the door for the guest.


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